Sunday, April 6, 2008

Delving Into the Lives and Inspirations of Authors and Illustrators Via Their Personal Blogs!

As you can see on the side of my blog, I enjoy collecting numerous links and placing them on my blog for "one stop shopping." I enjoy finding websites created by authors and illustrators, as well as webpages, blogs, and wikis related to children's literature. One aspect of children's literature that I have noticed slowly growing is blogging done by authors themselves. I think that this serves as an excellent way to keep the fan base up to date with finding out about the author/illustrator's current work in progress. Author/illustrator blogs also serve as a fabulous way to learn about the artist and their craft, whether it is in the way of words or illustrations. A reader can find out the sources of inspiration for the author/illustrator, and about their thought processes. Those readers who also dabble in the world of writing or creating art themselves, whether on a professional or amateur level, can certainly take small sparks of inspiration from their opportunity to peer into the mind of the blogger to create and explore new paths of their own. Blogs of professional illustrators and authors of children's literature can also serve as complementary means of sharing about the author's process of crafting with students, often in partnership with literature that is currently being shared in class as well as those with informative, well created websites. I am going to begin to collect blogs of authors in their own department on the side, but here's a few which got me started. I hope you enjoy exploring them just as I did!

Author and Illustrator Mo Williems:
Author Judy Blume:
Author Jarrett Krosoczka:
Illustrator Guy Francis:
Illustrator Catherine Stock:
Illustrator Rob Scotton:
Author Esme Raji Codell:
Author Elizabeth Partridge:
Author Mary Pope Osborne
Auhtor Laurie B. Friedman
Author Betty Birney
Author Frances O'Roark Dowell
Author Jason Lethcoe
Author Deborah Wiles

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