Saturday, March 15, 2008

The History of My Childhood - Captured By the Purple Ink of Ditto Machines :)

Well, my personal lifetime is now fit for a portion of American history, at least according to the minds at American Girls. Author Megan McDonald, also known for the Judy Moody series, released the set of books which illustrates with words (and pictures) the fictional life of one of the newest American Girl dolls, Julie. This new character's childhood takes places around the year of 1974. As with all American Girl books, I appreciate looking back in the “past” in the non-fiction section at the end of each book’s main feature of a realistic fiction story. Well, one of my students who recently finished reading a book from Megan McDonald entitled Julie Tells Her Story came to ask me some questions which made me realize that I am growing old, such as:

“Black ink wasn’t invented yet? Because it says here that they used purple ditto machines that they had to use by hand, and was that like the printing press in colonial times?”

“And filmstrips? What are those?!?! How did you even watch movies if there were no DVDs? Did you at least have movie theaters? ”

“You mean to tell me that there weren’t computers?!?! Ms. M! What did YOU do? No wonder you love to use your computer sooo much! Life must have been so hard before you had your computer.”

Yes, I’m officially old. Thanks Ms. McDonald, for making my childhood ancient enough to be considered history!” LOL

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