Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thanks to Inspiration from The Landry News By: Andrew Clements, "The Turnursttimes" Student Newspaper Has Gone Online!

I received a lovely email today from one of my parents that I had last year in my second grade class. Her son and a classmate took to becoming writing buddies last year. They clicked as friends, because they enjoyed and appreciated each other's sense of humor and the messages that they had to share as writers. They are now 3rd graders, but have continued to be amazingly self-motivated writers who have been working on a publication they call "The Turnursttimes" (which is quite a tongue twister! :) Their first three issues were hard copies, but they have become technology savvy and environmentally friendly by publishing online, beginning with their fourth issue. Their site is complete with FAQs, a logo, and an email. Impressive! I especially like that they explained their inspiration was from reading The Landry News by Andrew Clements as second graders last year. Reading indeed inspires the stories of real life! I am very proud to have taught and known these two students!

Check out their site, and watch these writers bloom throughout the year!

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